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Yesterday was pretty rad y’all. I wore this fatkini and wrestled in these grits like a champ even though there were a lot of randos and people I don’t know in my back yard who were most certainly hatin’. Me and Crystal wrestled twice because Enya missed the first time. I got a lil drunk and my friends were really supportive and I didn’t even have a panic attack even though my house is currently covered in grits, but most importantly we made some more money for abortions

Our team is currently winning, which i am really excited about! However, I am mostly just bummed because even though lots of people are out here fundraisin’, RRFP is still really far away from their goal this year, which is really scary because VA just passed these TRAP laws and most of our abortion clinics are gonna be shut down. This means that RRFP is going to need more money than ever to support low income people seeking abortions because they’re going to have to get them to clinics further and further away from where they are, and because of some of these other horrific laws, people will need to pay for hotel rooms near these clinics as well. So, that’s my long-winded ask of you all- please donate so we can keep overcoming the barriers they’re throwing at all of us. 

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    Today is the very last day to donate! It’s all over at 6pm tonight! Get it done.
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    donaaaaaate. be a part of the winningest, most bestest team.
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    You look fierce in that fatkini
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    Give them all your money! Or as much of it as you can afford to part with currently! And please reblog/boost!