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The bodies of nine unidentified people hang from a bridge Friday in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The bodies of 23 people were found hanging from a bridge or decapitated and dumped near city hall in the border city where drug cartels are fighting a bloody and escalating turf war.

I don’t think people understand the severity of how horrible things are getting in Mexico, especially along the US border. Mexican Drug Lords are running towns all over, and the sad part is that their ventures extend far beyond the crime revolving around drug trafficking. People are well aware of the helping hands that come from not only politicians and the police force, but also the Catholic Church which has been known to receive donations from these drug lords

But it is what it is. This is the war on drugs. It is a game of supply and demand. It is the result of the prohibition of drugs in the US and European countries, when in fact the majority of it’s citizens partake in the usage of this illegal activity. Let’s not bullshit around, the job market in Mexico doesn’t exist (thanks to US imperialism and foreign policies such as NAFTA), there are very few options to make money and unfortunately bad people have found a way to capitalize on YOUR prohibition.

But at the end of the day, what the fuck about this image?

People have been killed/have disappeared in Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez, and all over Mexico  for decades now, and I’ve yet to see any fucking indignation.

Is it the audacity of these people to not hide their cruel actions against the innocent that concerns you now?

(Maybe it’s time to end the War on Drugs and reconsider the prohibition because really the War on Drugs is just a politically correct way to say the War against People of Color.) 

jesus christ

and the u.s. is the one funneling weapons to the cartels in the first place. they are practically funding all of this shit for the sake of their own pockets and white supremacy.


I tried to delete the picture because it was triggering but this is fucking important.

(Source: cleveland.com)

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    They need to think about the Volstead Act and how that worked out.
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